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How an Asphalt Parking Lot Saves Money

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How an Asphalt Parking Lot Saves Money

September 14th, 2017 | Posted in Asphalt | Comments Off on How an Asphalt Parking Lot Saves Money

When customers arrive at your company’s location, the first thing that they often see if your parking lot.

If your parking lot is old, damaged, or dirty, you customers’ first impression of your company is already going to be tarnished.

But installing a new parking lot is a big investment, and choosing whether or not to make that investment can be stressful.

You may worry that after spending tons of money on your new parking lot, it will quickly look like your old one, full of potholes or cracks. You may also worry that the costs will be more than your company can afford.

But choosing to install an asphalt parking lot can help alleviate those concerns.

Asphalt parking lots can save your company loads of money, while also helping to give your company a curb appeal that you can be proud of. You’ll never have to worry about making a bad first impression again.

To learn more about how asphalt parking lots can save your company money, keep reading as we break down the many reasons.

Improved Drainage

Proper drainage is essential to creating a parking lot that will stand the test of time. Using the wrong material or designing that parking lot without drainage will lead to potholes, cracked surfaces, pooling water, and eventually, a destroyed parking lot.

Concrete is one of the least porous surfaces that you can use. This makes it possibly the worst choice for parking lots, particularly those that are already prone to poor drainage because of their shape or location.

Paving stones are porous, but still a poor choice for parking lots or other surfaces beyond backyard patios. While they allow drainage, they are weak and prone to shifting, cracking, and crumbling over time.

In contrast, an asphalt parking lot is one of the best choices that a business can make.

Porous asphalt solutions naturally promote drainage. Rather than causing water to pool on the surface and drain to the lowest part of the parking lot, asphalt surfaces allow the water to drain straight through.

Not only does this help to prevent the water from damaging the surface of your parking lot, but it also prevents pooling.

Pooling in large amounts can be dangerous for anyone walking in your parking lot. It could also lead to damage of vehicles.

When combined with a well-designed parking lot, asphalt can drastically improve the drainage in your lot.

Designing a Parking Lot That Promotes Proper Drainage

When investing in a new asphalt parking lot, it’s important to make sure that the design of your parking lot aids the porous asphalt in promoting drainage.

A curb and gutter system around the perimeter of your parking lot, or at the lower ends of a parking lot on a slope, can help make sure that any water that does flow down the lot will be guided to the nearest storm drains.

Making sure that the overlap between where the parking lot surface ends and the gutter begins is maintained over time will also help to save money.

This area may easily become damaged if it is not maintained, because water may pool or enter the cracks and damage the surface. If left unmaintained for too long, it will be necessary to replace large sections of the parking lot.

By designing a parking lot that promotes drainage and repairing any damage immediately, you’ll help to prolong the life of your parking lot, saving you tons of money.

Possible Access to Tax Credits and the Chance to Go Green

The great drainage that an asphalt parking lot can provide is not only great for your business. It’s also great for the environment!

If your company is interested in going green or promoting green policies, an asphalt parking lot could be the answer.

Many businesses are opting to use asphalt to create environmentally friendly parking lots. In one instance, a business was able to eliminate the need for a new detention basin and 500 feet of drainage pipe by installing a porous-asphalt infiltration design-alternative.

Not only did this result in a highly environmentally friendly parking lot, but it also cut costs and resulted in a 25 percent reduction in runoff and a 100 percent increase in water quality treatment.

Some areas even offer tax credits for asphalt parking lots that are designed to be green alternatives.

Another great green benefit of asphalt is that it is nearly 100 percent recyclable.

Each year, more than 80 million tons of asphalt pavement is reclaimed. Most of this is recycled, making it the most recycled product in the United States.

It is estimated that this recycling saves the country more than $2.5 billion each year. While other materials like concrete, rubber, and steel fill up landfills across the nation, asphalt continues to be used, recycled, and reused to build parking lots, roads, and more.

Leave Your Business Looking Fresh, Polished, and Professional

Few things can help improve your business’ curb appeal more than a fresh new asphalt parking lot.

First impressions can have a big impact on customer satisfaction.

If your parking lot is old, damaged, or both, customers arriving at your location for the first time or even just driving by are already making assumptions about your company. If they feel that you don’t care to keep your property clean and new, they may worry that you will slack in other areas as well.

But a new asphalt parking lot will help make your business look polished and professional, setting you up for a great first impression every time.

Setting up a great customer experience from the start is a great way to land more sales and business, helping you make more money over time.

Helps to Avoid Potential Accidents, Lawsuits, and Disgruntled Clients

Potholes, crumbling surfaces, or other damage to your parking lot could be putting you, your employees, and your customers at risk.

If your clients regularly visit your property, you are putting them at risk of tripping or falling while crossing your parking lot. You are also putting their vehicles at risk of damage.

Even if clients do not regularly visit your company, you are putting your employees at risk for the same injuries and damage every single day that they come to work.

Almost 20 percent of all traffic accidents occur in parking lots. Doing everything you can to prevent some of those accidents from occurring on your property will not only help keep your customers happy, but can also help you avoid legal trouble.

Even if the accidents are not truly your fault, if it is determined that your parking lot wasn’t properly maintained and that was a contributing factor, you could still face consequences.

Injuries and accidents on your property could lead to costly lawsuits that will quickly damage your company’s reputation. Investing in an asphalt parking lot can help avoid these costs, and protect the safety of your clients and employees and their property.

Long and Short Term Savings

What few people know about installing an asphalt parking lot is that the upfront costs can actually be much lower than what it would cost to use other materials.

Installing an asphalt parking lot typically costs between $2 and $5 per square foot. Concrete often costs as much as twice that amount.

If you already have a parking lot in place, there are other asphalt options that can save you even more money.

If the current parking lot is made from asphalt that has become damaged or worn, asphalt crack repairs or resurfacing may help to give you a brand new-looking parking lot at a fraction of the cost.

The many different asphalt options can be a great way to save your company money in the short term.

But an asphalt parking lot can provide more than just short-term savings.

When an asphalt parking lot is properly maintained with crack repairs and resurfacing, it will last much longer than parking lots constructed from other materials.

In fact, with proper maintenance, the life of your parking lot could be many, many years or even decades!

See How a New Asphalt Parking Lot Can Save Your Company Money and More

Installing a new asphalt parking lot can be a great choice for any company.

You’ll enjoy better drainage, which can prevent damage and pooling. You’ll be protecting your employees and clients, as well as their property, from damage or injuries, which can help prevent costly lawsuits. With the right design, you can even create an environmentally-friendly parking lot, which could result in tax credits.

Above all else, by installing a new asphalt parking lot, you’ll be drastically improving the look of your company’s property. You’ll give it a fresh, professional look that is sure to be a hit with customers, employees, and even the community where your company is located.

To learn more about asphalt options and how a new parking lot can be a huge benefit to your company, contact us today!

If you already have a parking lot, we also offer asphalt crack repairs, resurfacing, sealing, marking, and more.