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Magic Seal has served the Rochester, NY and surrounding areas with high quality pavement maintenance services for over 25 years. We serve a wide range of markets and industries including retail, corporate, real estate, small business, churches, property management companies, industrial properties, airports and more. We specialize in pavement maintenance planning and execution for long term care of asphalt parking lots, drives, airstrips and all types of asphalt pavements.

Magic Seal offers a complete range of pavement maintenance & repair services to address the particular state of your asphalt pavement. Services include:

Pavement Maintenance

A consistent pavement maintenance program that runs the life of a properly installed pavement can greatly increase its service life and save many thousands of dollars. The pavement maintenance process begins with applying a high quality asphalt sealant within the first year after being installed (no sooner that 90 days). Thereafter, routine asphalt sealing is advised at a frequency determined by the amount of traffic flow the pavement receives. Regular asphalt sealcoating preserves its flexibility and protects it from the suns UV rays that dry it out and cause it to become brittle and dry out.

As asphalt ages, or if it has not been regularly maintained, it will eventually begin to ravel and crack. Asphalt cracks are the enemy of asphalt preservation because they allow water to penetrate the surface and seep into the base layers. Once this occurs, serious damage to the pavement will soon follow. Left unattended these cracks will turn into potholes and cause irreparable damage.

Asphalt Repair & Replacement

If your asphalt has run the course of its life, or was not properly cared for throughout its lifecycle, it may need to be replaced. Often times when pavement falls into such disrepair, problems with the base layers beneath the pavement must be addressed. While expensive, a complete removal of the asphalt pavement is necessary. Magic Seal has many years of experience in this area and can help you fix the problem.

No matter what state your asphalt pavement is in, Magic Seal can maximize your asphalt investment and help you take the right course. Contact Magic Seal at 585-581-2153 today or fill out the Free Job Quote form for a no-obligation consultation from one of our experienced pavement maintenance professionals.