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1.  How often should I get my driveway sealed?

In most cases, driveways should be sealed every other year depending on the condition of the pavement.  A freshly paved driveway should not be sealed for at least 6 months so it can fully cure.  Some customers prefer to seal every year and we are always more than happy to accommodate.

2.  How does the sealer get applied to my driveway?

We apply our sealer by hand with horse-hair brushes.  We do NOT spray sealer onto your driveway from our trucks. Spraying is typically for commercial use only.  Doing the work by hand (double broom) not only allows us to use greater caution, but also ensures the entire area is properly coated.


3.  You just sealed my driveway.  When can I walk/drive on it?

In most situations, we ask our customers to refrain from walking on the freshly sealed pavement for 12 hours and driving on the pavement for 24 hours.


4.  Will all the cracks in my driveway be completely filled?

We only fill individual cracks greater than ¼” in width if requested by homeowner at the time of the appointment. We do not fill hairline, surface cracks or “spider web” cracks. The crack filler will generally settle itself into the cracks as it dries.  We can fill most of the larger cracks with a hot crack fill method. We offer hot crack filling at an additional cost.   Just ask!


5.  Is there anything I need to do to prepare my driveway beforehand?

The only thing we ask is to have all cars removed from the driveway the morning of your appointment.

We come prepared to take care of all the prep work for you.  Our guys have a commercial grade line trimmer they will use to trim back the edges of the driveway.   We are also equipped with wire brushes to clear all the dirt and debris from the cracks and other areas on the driveway.  Finally we have blowers that we use to insure nothing is left on the driveway before we begin to seal.  Oil spots are pre-treated prior to sealing.   If the stains are of significant size, they do have a chance to bleed through.  You can use dish soap with degreaser and a rag to scrub the oil stains prior to our arrival to unsure the best outcome possible.

6.  My driveway has tons of cracks and is in rough shape.  Will sealing it help?

In most cases very little, other than aesthetically.   If you driveway has reached this point, it may be in your best interest to contact us for a free repair or paving estimate.  We can fix anything from a small depression in the driveway to fully replacing your existing pavement.  Unsure of where you stand?  Just call and speak with one of our experienced agents today!