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Why Asphalt Repair Is Necessary to Prevent Potholes in Rochester, NY

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Why Asphalt Repair Is Necessary to Prevent Potholes in Rochester, NY

March 1st, 2018 | Posted in Asphalt | Comments Off on Why Asphalt Repair Is Necessary to Prevent Potholes in Rochester, NY

In 2015, the annual cost of driving on bad roads in the United States was around $109 billion. The conditions have gotten worse in recent years because highway traffic in the US is up by a third since 1990.

Commercial truck traffic is up by half. They add the most stress to the roads and it’s expected to increase by 72% between 2015 and 2030.

Repairing the asphalt is one way we can combat potholes in Rochester, NY. Here are some other reasons why asphalt repair is necessary.

Why Our Roads are Crumbling

Most of our major highways were built between the 1950s and 1970s. Most roads were built to last around 50 years but some have lasted longer due to good maintenance.

The Federal gas tax was set in 1993. It still stands at 18.4 centers per gallon. Since it wasn’t indexed to inflation, its purchasing power has dwindled by 48%.

Some states and municipalities have added their own gas taxes which go to help building and maintenance costs, but it’s often not enough.

Many states have taken to using tolling in an effort to raise necessary funds. Unfortunately, in some cases, the Great Recession led to fewer people using toll roads in an effort to save money.

In some cases, like in Indiana, they went bankrupt using tolling as their plan to raise enough money. There wasn’t enough money to provide asphalt repair to their roads.

The Weather Isn’t Helping

Our climate is changing and it’s not for the better. We’re experiencing temperature extremes and they are wreaking havoc on our roads.

What hasn’t changed are the materials we use to pave our roads. Engineers select the best type of asphalt for the job. It’s based on what temperatures they expect that specific region to face.

The right type of asphalt leads to fewer repairs in the future. But the temperature data the engineers are using is out of date. A recent study discovered they were using data collected between 1964 and 1995.

These mistakes shorten the lifespan of the road by three to four years. The costs of asphalt repair based on the outdated information can cost the United States $35 billion by 2070.

Repairing Potholes Keeps Everyone Safer

There are already a lot of people driving on our roads. But between now and 2030, traffic is expected to increase by 25%.

Which means that between people texting, road rage, and bad drivers, it’s already going to be a more dangerous experience.

But we also have to worry about poor road conditions creating unsafe driving conditions for us. One-third of the 33,000 traffic fatalities that happened last year was due to poor road conditions.

As of now, only about 31% of roads are considered to be in good condition. Meanwhile, 27% of our major urban roads are below federal standards and are considered to provide an unacceptably rough ride.

However, it’s not just motorists who are at risk. Bicyclists are also at a higher risk of injury as a result of our crumbling roads.

Adopting a policy on asphalt repair can save lives and lower the number of lawsuits that result from our poor roads.

Asphalt Repair Saves Money

Not investing in asphalt repair is expensive. The potholes can be as much as 10 inches deep.

Often, drivers can’t tell how deep a pothole is until they’ve driven over it. Once that happens, the damage has already been done.

Broken axles, blown tires, and even battered shock absorbers cost drivers extra money. In fact, the average driver in an urban area typically spends $516 per year in repair costs due to potholes.

In areas like San Francisco, damage caused by potholes can cost as much as $1,044 per year. There’s no sign of those costs lowering until we invest in asphalt repair.

Then there are the lawsuits. Between 2009 and 2015, New York City paid $138 million to 4,000 people who had suffered personal injury and property damage as a result of potholes.

Improves the Curb Appeal

Potholes aren’t attractive. They’re ugly little holes that make neighborhoods look less desirable. That’s one of the many benefits of asphalt repair.

A parking area is usually the first thing a customer sees when they enter a business. Roads and driveways are also what you’ll see when you’re looking to move to a new neighborhood.

A well-maintained road, driveway or parking lot says a lot. It conveys the value of safety and shows that others are taking responsibility for their own surroundings.

In some cases, when a city has been slow to make pothole repairs, some residents have taken to planting flowers in the pothole. Doing so not only makes the roads look better, but people are more able to spot the potholes and avoid them, if possible.

It’s Good for the Environment

With climate change quickly becoming a very real reality, the more we can do to help preserve our planet, the better.

One of the best things about asphalt repair is that 81% of all asphalt is recycled. Which is great because it’s not biodegradable and it would take up an enormous amount of space in our landfills.

When used and new asphalt are mixed together, it makes the new asphalt stronger. It also requires less manufacturing to produce recycled asphalt.

Asphalt mining is horribly destructive and uses a lot of water, burdening one of our natural resources. Then there’s transporting the asphalt around to consider. It takes a toll on our fresh air.

Recycling at a nearby facility means our natural resources aren’t polluted or overly taxed. It’s also less expensive to recycle asphalt.

Act Now

We provide services for both commercial and residential customers. We’ve been Western New York’s main source for asphalt repair for over 30 years.

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Don’t wait until there’s a problem. Potholes will only grow larger, more costly, and more dangerous if left untended to.

Don’t put yourself in a vulnerable position by ignoring the potholes in your driveway, parking area, or roads. Take action now by seeing which of our services will take care of your needs.