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Asphalt Repair

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Turn to Magic Seal for Reliable Asphalt Repair in Rochester, NY

Asphalt Repair Rochester NYAsphalt repairs can be expensive, especially when the damage isn’t fixed immediately. Over time, small cracks and weak spots in pavement will spread and turn into big problems.

Magic Seal specializes in all types of asphalt repair for commercial property in Rochester, NY and the surrounding areas:

  • Crack sealing — Magic Seal’s crew will identify minor cracks in your property’s pavement, clean them thoroughly will industrial brooms and compressed air, then inject an asphalt tar mixture to fill the crack and seal it.

  • Asphalt patching — Larger asphalt repair jobs call for the construction and installation of asphalt inlays & patches. Workers dig up and completely remove damaged asphalt, leaving a rectangular hole in the pavement. A corresponding layer of asphalt is made that match the hole’s specifications and fill it perfectly, leaving a smooth, long-lasting patch.

  • Pothole Repair — If you notice a pothole that is developing on the surface of your parking area, it is usually a sign that there is something wrong with either the water drainage on the property or the formation of the lot. When potholes go un-repaired, it poses a potential risk for further, more expensive damage. By ignoring the pothole, it will only continue to erode and grow larger, which can cause further damage to the parking area as well as to the vehicles driving through the lot. It is significantly less expensive to repair one pothole than to replace several yards of the parking area, not to mention the cost of repairs to cars that damaged when driving over the pothole.
  • Asphalt overlays — When the damage isn’t so bad as to require an inlay, an overlay can be used instead to repair deteriorated asphalt. Asphalt overlays consist of new pavement being spread over damaged areas that have been cleaned and ground down to allow for a smooth, even new surface.

  • Resurfacing — Sometimes pavement is so badly damaged that the only option is to completely start over. In many cases, resurfacing is not much different from the installation of one massive asphalt overlay. Crews can smooth out damaged areas, thoroughly clean the pavement, and apply new asphalt over the top of the existing pavement. In worst-case scenarios, however, the entire surface must be dug up and removed, and all-new asphalt paving must be installed.

  • Sealcoating — While this is technically a preventative measure, any repairs should be followed up with the application of asphalt sealcoat. This will ensure that repairs last longer and improve the overall quality of the asphalt and minimize the need for further repairs in the future.

Avoid costly asphalt repairs by calling the experts at Magic Seal at the very first sign of deterioration to your asphalt parking lot. Magic Seal is well-reviewed and highly lauded for its dedication to customer service across the northeastern United States. Call Magic Seal at (585) 581-2153 or click here to arrange a free estimate.