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Driveway Repair & Replacement

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Rochester Driveway Repair & Maintenance in Rochester NYIf your pavement has begun to show significant signs of decay, it may be time to give your property a makeover and call on a reliable driveway repair and replacement service.

Magic Seal in Rochester, NY is experienced in a wide variety of high-tech driveway repair techniques and can even completely replace asphalt that is beyond repair. Whether it’s a matter of filling a few cracks and applying sealcoat to a driveway or removing an old asphalt surface and putting down all-new pavement, Magic Seal is equipped to handle any type of job.

In most cases, the first sign of significant asphalt damage is the formation of cracks in weak spots along the pavement. These cracks can be easily repaired by a well-trained crew that will thoroughly clean the site, often with industrial brooms and pressurized air or water, and then inject a superheated asphalt sealant blend into the cracks.

Larger problems like potholes or alligator cracking, which is the concentration of multiple cracks in a confined area, may require more significant repair. Magic Seal’s professionals are well versed in more advanced asphalt repair methods, like the application of asphalt in lays and overlays.

It’s never too early to call for repairs once you notice the beginnings of cracks or other damage on your asphalt pavement. Magic Seal provides an extensive array of driveway repair and replacement services in the Rochester, NY area. Call Magic Seal at (585) 581-2153 or click here to arrange a free estimate.